Belarus is a beautiful country with lush plains, swamps, lakes, and woodlands. Its moderately temperate climate is also quite favourable for shooting all year round. Filming in Belarus can be done with relative ease with the right local help.

Filming Permits in Belarus

Most filming locations in Belarus require you to get a permit for a fee. It is possible to obtain permits given enough time (2-4 weeks) and the right approach. This is why you need our local production fixer in Belarus to handle the process for you.

With a filming permit, you are allowed to film in major locations within the capital city of Minsk, such as the Soviet Era metro stations. However, there are restrictions on filming on national holidays like the President Day. Contact our film fixers in Belarus for information about specific locations.

Access for Foreign Journalists

Entry for journalists and foreign crew is subject to the regulations of their country of origin. However, journalists entering Belarus though Minsk National Airport with a Western passport can stay in the country for max 30 days without the need for a visa. Registration is always compulsory when staying more than 5 days. You might require extra documentation if you are coming with kit for filming in Belarus.

If you plan to stay for longer or need help processing permits for bringing in your equipment, you can contact Fixer Belarus to process your visas and permits.


The cost of filming in Belarus is relatively affordable. Major filming costs will cover locations, hiring of crew or local talent as well as equipment rental. To help keep production cost at a minimum, our local Belarusian fixer can help you negotiate deals. In terms of incentives, the government offers none for foreign production companies or journalists filming in Belarus.