Fixer Belarus is a team of highly experienced professionals acting as a fully-
fledged production company in Belarus. We offer fixer services for all locations and general production assistance. Our film fixer in Belarus assists with general access, recruiting local crew and logistics on project-based assignments.

One of the things you get to enjoy when you work with us is the affordable cost of our services. We have contacts all over the country which help us work efficiently, covering every part of Belarus at a lower cost compared to regular production companies.

Location Scouting by Our Film Fixer in Belarus

Our fixer services cover Minsk, which is the major filming location in Belarus, as well as other parts of the country. Although a relatively small territory, Belarus offers an advantage as a favourable geopolitical location which is why it is a popular filming alternative to Russia.

We have sufficient knowledge of great production locations in Belarus. Our film fixer in Belarus knows their way around the process of obtaining filming permits when required.

Crew Sourcing

Belarus has a decent pool of crews and local talent which you can hire. There are English speaking key crew members available locally and some of them have sufficient experience with working with international companies. For more specialized crew members, you need to look abroad. However, Belarus is located close to major production centres in Europe such as Poland, which makes sourcing for crew members relatively easy.

Local talent is available at an affordable rate and fees are negotiable based on personal preference. The country mainly offers local talent with Slavic appearance.

Equipment Hire

For filming in Belarus, you can get access to basic filming equipment available on a rental basis. Kits like lighting, camera equipment, cranes, red camera and so on are readily offered for rental in the country. However, if you need more sophisticated filming equipment, you might have to bring it in from abroad.  Belarus is under ATA Carnet laws, which make shipping in filming equipment relatively easy.

Our film fixer in Belarus can assist with sourcing for the crew, local talent and equipment hire in the country.

Assistance for Foreign Journalists

Fixer Belarus is your go-to team for fixing services for journalists and international media agencies planning to cover a report or shoot in Belarus. Whether it is in the major city, or you are running a documentary on a small Belarusian village, our team is always on hand to assist you.

You can trust out vast knowledge and contacts to score you interview sessions with popular celebrities and local officials for a complete and comprehensive news report.

Talk to our production fixers in Belarus for help with quick fact checks and initial research.

General Production Support

You can enlist the help of our production fixers in Belarus for handling logistics for both large scale production and simple project-based assignments. Our quality of services is as good as what you get with a fully-fledged production company in Belarus.  With our extensive knowledge of all aspects of filming in Belarus, you can be sure of a hitch-free and affordable production.